Discover Microgreens

A nearly perfect superfood

Microgreens are tender, edible seedlings of vegetables and herbs grown to the “cotyledon” (seed leaf) stage of development. Microgreens are typically harvested just as the first “True Leaves” start to appear. In comparison to their mature plant counterparts, microgreens provide many times more vitamins and carotenoids with some varieties reaching 40 times the nutrient density their mature counterparts. Our microgreens are grown in a bio-inert material using pure water and OMRI certified nutrients. The edible parts of microgreens are the tender stem and the leaves…. Unlike sprouts the root is not consumed. When harvested, the stem and leaves hold nearly all the nutrients….. and like sprouts, microgreens are valued for their high nutritional value. Microgreens provide strong flavors, bright colors and interesting textures to salads or entrees, with the advantage of dramatically increasing the nutritional content.