Healthy, fresh, & flavorful

A true Superfood!

N R G is a grower of high quality Microgreens in S.E. Connecticut. Our sustainable “micro-farm” produces fresh microgreens for delivery twice a week. We are focused on growing the most nutrient dense, tasty and fresh microgreens available anywhere. We rigorously avoid chemicals, non-food safe plastics, and use pure, quadruple-filtered water to grow our greens. We use organic growing methods that ensure the end user receives a product that not only looks great but great, has superior nutrition, and has a long shelf life. One major difference that separates us from many growers is that our Microgreens are not harvested and packaged. We deliver living, growing microgreens that will remain healthy and wholesome. Our growing method uses NO CHEMICALS, NO PESTICIDES, NO SOIL…. Just PURE H2O, OMRI certified nutrients, and Bio-inert grow media. Healthy, fresh & flavorful!!!