N.R.G. was launched with the idea that highly nutritious food should be easy to find….. Unfortunately most greens available are factory farmed and largely devoid of nutritional content. Even many products that are labeled “organic” are not very nutritious. A lot of people have come to the realization that just because a vegetable is “pretty”, doesn’t mean it is nutritionally significant. Microgreens are the answer and our mission is to bring these amazing little wonders to our surrounding communities.

From our “microfarm” in S.E. Connecticut we offer microgreens to local marketplaces, restaurants and directly to customers along the shoreline and points North.

N.R.G. is sustainably operated and uses >95% less water and much lower energy inputs than traditional agriculture. We are also 100% nasty-free! We use NO pesticides/ herbicides/chemicals and grow in a Bio-inert substrate. We use super energy efficient LED Horticultural lights in a well insulated facility. Our fully climate-controlled environment is designed to consistently produce the freshest and most nutrient dense microgreens throughout the year since it’s ALWAYS peak season!!!

When fully operational, we will harvest microgreens twice weekly regardless of season, and will deliver LIVING microgreens that have the longest shelf life possible. . We think a sustainable urban farm with a harvest cycle measured in days, not months is the future of food production for our overstressed planet.

We believe that food should be grown organically, responsibly, locally, contain the maximum nutrition and most importantly, taste delicious.

We wish to spread the word about the nutritional advantages of Microgreens and how to use them utilizing the unique taste/texture/color for salads or to complement entrees.

N.R.G. strongly believes in the buy local movement. We grow our microgreens in South Eastern Connecticut and intend on being a valuable resource for our surrounding communities.